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EXIOBASE is a global, detailed Multi-Regional Environmentally Extended Supply-Use Table (MR-SUT) and Input-Output Table (MR-IOT). It was developed by harmonizing and detailing supply-use tables for a large number of countries, estimating emissions and resource extractions by industry. Subsequently the country supply-use tables were linked via trade creating an MR-SUT and producing a MR-IOTs from this. The MR-IOT that can be used for the analysis of the environmental impacts associated with the final consumption of product groups.

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Now available: EXIOBASE2

The EXIOBASE2 (base year 2007) is one of the most extensive EE-MRIO systems available worldwide. This holds also true for the water part (W-MRIO). A large number of products are covered and an especially high level of spatial detail is provided with regard to agricultural water consumption. Further detailed information on thermal freshwater emissions were incorporated in the database as well as data on emissions to freshwater of the most relevant nutrients. In this case study we carried out an extensive analysis of Europe's direct and indirect demand for water and the impacts created within and outside its borders. As such, the EXIOBASE2 is at the very forefront of W-MRIO development and application.


MR Input-Output Table (click to enlarge)



MR Supply and Use table (click to enlarge)

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CREEA Booklet

CREEA BookletThe Global Resource Footprint of Nations
Carbon, water, land and materials embodied in trade and final consumption calculated with EXIOBASE2 (release 2.1)

Arnold Tukker, Tatyana Bulavskaya, Stefan Giljum, Arjan de Koning, Stephan Lutter, Moana Simas, Konstantin Stadler, Richard Wood

We are proud to present this booklet, the result of years of hard work. This is the first time, to our knowledge, that the total global environmental footprint – encompassing the carbon, water, land and material consumption footprint of various countries – has been compiled using one detailed, consistent and comprehensive global economic-environmental database.

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There is extensive documentation available in the Publications section.